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Originally Posted by psuinmi View Post
Was at my local Chevy dealer and took a 2019 2.0 Equinox for a test drive. I wanted to see how the stop/start works. Only had it out for about 10 minutes but the stop/start did not engage once during my drive. Questioned the sales guy and he told me that ther are a whole list of conditions that must be met before it will engage. So I still don't know how bad it is. My question to current owners, does stop/start usually engage during your drive and just how bad is it? Do you ever get used to it?

it does engage, not much in the winter and not a whole lot in the summer when the ac is working hard. iíve always been performance oriented and thought i would absolutely hate start/stop. i was lucky enough for the dealership to let me take an equinox on a test drive for 2 whole days... in that time i learned that while i wasnít fond of start/ stop, i could deal with it by using manual mode. after a year of ownership i rarely notice start stop at all

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