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After the big dump that I went through when I posted this its actually been unseasonable warm. That's changing this week. A bit of snow this AM and they are saying up to a foot over the next 48 hours. I do find the Hanooks are really slick. In hindsight I might have tried to work a deal on a set of winter when I got the car. It's not going to happen this year because of $$$ but I'm going to start myself tire fund so I have something to switch too next winter. I've never run winter tires before, only all seasons. Even though I live in the 'Great White North' in Calgary we will get a dump of snow and the roads will be crummy for a few days and then they are all clear and dry, We will get Chinooks going through that melt the roads as well.

I'll have to get my tires measured too.. the quickwear is somewhat concerning. I'm just about to cross the 11,000KM mark on mine, I think the first rotation is recommended at 12,000KM.

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