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The engine is running at the time of the failure. I was able to recreate the issue again this morning. I was able to open the sunroof then while shutting it closed slowly. I was able to do this three times before the sunroof would no longer open. On the final cycle I paused half closed and tried to open again and it would not go back but I was still able to close it fully. I did stop at the dealership this am, the service dept. is open Saturday mornings for oil changes and such so I stopped to book an appointment. Alas the earliest they had for electrical is next Thursday so I won't have answers until then. I will circle back and update you all. Searching online I only found one other comment on another message board with a person having the same issue.. But they never circled back to give a resolution.

Just frustrating as the vehicle is a month old, hoping for a quick easy fix for Chevrolet.
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