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Re: My 2014 Chevy Equinox LT2

I don't normally tell this, and maybe it isn't the place to do it.

The reason I am so annoyed, I have cerebral palsy, I am very independent, i live on my own, I have 2 PT jobs, I hold a CDL B and drive buses for a dealership (who BTW provides better customer service than any car dealership I have dealt with.) - I know everybody says this, but i know quite a bit about cars. If I was born with hands that worked correctly I would've been a mechanic.Being independent, I HATE asking my parents or family for help. Well, I guess I need to start asking my dad to go with me when i look at cars. It was cold the day I looked at it, and I have to admit I looked at it quick, to get back in the warmth of the showroom. I didn't know you could ask the dealership to pull it inside or else I would've. I also was unaware of how horrible the dealership is that i bought the car from. I figured being a small town dealer they would be better to deal with than a large one. Wanting to keep me happy to keep my business. They don't care at all.

After sleeping on it overnight, I guess the independent price of $400 isn't bad. The guy is going to grind the spots, remove the tailgate chrome piece and check the grommets (I already bought them, so he will just replace them.) - I am not going to have him replace the Equinox emblem, I will probably leave that off. Then paint the spots and re clearcoat the whole gate.

you live and learn (hopefully)

2014 Equinox LT2 2.4L I4 Leather heated seats, remote start, power lift gate.
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