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Re: 2018 GMC Terrain

Originally Posted by 4cylinder
Really want to get one as my second car - the Terrain looks a lot more upmarket than the Equinox, and the interior is amazing.

The lack of Adaptive Cruise Control is a huge turn-off though. Come on GM, it's 2017 now. The competing Ford Escape and Jeep Cherokee offer it. Even the lowly Honda Civic offers it and you don't even need to spec the highest trim for that.

Anyone know if GM is truly forgoing ACC on the Terrain, or if they just forgot to mention it on the website? I can understand omitting it from the Equinox but if the Terrain (especially the Denali) is being marketed as a premium car, then omitting it is just stupid.

The restriction of options like surround view and front parking sensors to the Denali trim is also annoying, though not enough to be a dealbreaker (tbh, I'm not really a fan of all the chrome on the Denali).

Right now I have a nearly fully loaded 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Ford kinda set standards for me with how they're relatively generous and flexible with the tech options compared to most other automakers. On the Fusion you can stay on the SE trim and get literally every tech option (ACC and auto-parking too!) minus the premium stereo and cooled seats, and you don't need to be forced to get a moonroof. Same for most of Ford's other vehicles. The only reason I haven't already bought an Escape or an Edge is because the exterior appearance hasn't really clicked with me for either car the way it has with the Fusion. GM on the other hand has a number of SUVs which really click with me but I guess we can't have it both ways
I know what your saying about the Ford technology. I've driven only GM cars, SUV's, and mini-vans for the past 30 years until last November I decided to test drive a new Explorer Limited 4X4 and then traded my 2011 Chevrolet Traverse LT2 AWD for it. I got bored of GM's lack of change in their SUV line which is getting really old, and I refuse to work the bugs out of a first year new model. I liked the looks of the explorer exterior and the functionality of the interior.
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