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Re: Would you buy Manual transmission

Originally Posted by tjjkc
Why is the 6 speed the weakest link(in my opinion)...............I do not like the amount of downshifting it does,put it in cruise at around 120 k( around 74 mph),....how often does it drop one or two gears to keep the selected speed............I'm not looking for more performance out of my Terrain....I do not want to keep the rpm's high ...........I would like to keep a steady speed, without having it drop down gears..!!If I had a 5 speed manual It would just add throttle to keep up to speed....

annnd.........Just as a side note ......why would I buy a Forestor,when I am an active employee of one of the !! BEST !! GM plants in North America(Oshawa,Ontario Canada)....
Then complain to the programming of the engine/tranny PCM to your boss's....because it utterly sucks.

6spd in any setup is going to have to drop down gears, the benefit of having a 6spd is the ability to add some VERY STEEP gearing, our first and second gears show just that. I think we could've gotten away with 5psd, but 5-6spd autos (its all advertising as more is better) are the way all automatics are going. I just like steep gearing. We do not even get to 1:1 until 5th (which is nice) and 6th is just an OD. Having steep tranny gears makes moving this 4k pound beast not so bad for those that have the I4, imagine driving around on a 4T40/45 setup (highest gear is 2.95....On the 6T45 its 4.5 in 1st, 2nd is higher than the 1st on a 4T40, and every gear throughout the band is higher, this allows the engine to REV which increases the driving experience. Add the 4T45 in and its a DOG, nobody would've purchased the I4 setup, unless the final drive was something around 4.11:1 gearing. Having such steep tranny gears , allows for smaller final drive gearing and is the way all automatics are moving twards, and will be needed in the days coming of lower power and torque 4-bangers put into jobs previously done by torquey engines.

And btw....When you talk of given a 5spd manual more gas to pass, that has more to do with final gear than number of gears of a tranny. Having 3.84:1 in my previous car allowed this with easy, with our low gearing, we need to downshift into power gears to move the heavy beast
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