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Re: Would you buy Manual transmission

Originally Posted by tjjkc

I have used the manual shifts,and I do not understand what you mean............

A manual setting on an automatic trans is no where close to a standard or manual transmission ...

In my opinion,the 6 speed trans on the Terrain/Equinox is it's weakest link,but then again that is my opinion and you may disagree .

I prefer a manual as it makes a person more focused on driving.
Why is a 6spd the weakest link?

A manual on this type of car would not sale to the market its geared towards. You will never see it. If you want "more" performance driving out of your Nox, than use the "M" mode to control the gearing, but as you mentioned, thats not really shifting gears, but it does keep the rpms higher if thats what you wish (but then your going to need intake, exhaust to actually hear it), and then suspension to have fun around cornors........Not exactly the cars market is the point . I would purchase a Forestor if it had something other than the 4sped auto, that car would have potential with a manual due to turbo and modibility.......The equinox does not, and I would say I'm one of the most modified on this site without question
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