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Looking at used Equinox/Terrain: Advice please

Newbie to the forums here.

I am looking at Equinox/Terrains with my son. Mostly 2010s to 2013s are in his price range. He really likes the way they look and some of the other features. He is "of age", and I am pretty along for the ride as an "advisor."

Our mechanic is really negative on them. Citing excessive oil consumption and timing chain issues. He seems to think the 6 cylinders are slightly better. Apparently they've had three Nox's in their shop in the last month for major issues.

We took a 2011 Terrain SLT (4 cyl) with 136K to them yesterday and he wrote up the valve and oil pan gaskets with minor leaks, a control arm, and an A/C leak. He also recommended changing the timing chain (based on mileage). We took the report back to the used car dealer and told him that we would want those issues addressed. I haven't heard from him today. And I'm not sure that I will.

He wants to look at a 2010 Nox, also with a 4 cylinder. around 110K. I believe the price was around $7500.00

I guess what I am asking is how frequent/serious are these oil consumption issues? Carcomplaints.com seems to make a lot of them, and I understand from reading around these forums that there is a lawsuit about them. But is that enough to make us not consider a car that otherwise passes muster?

Also, is the 6 cylinder any better than the 4 cylinder? I found some threads that suggest it is, but they seem to be focused on either gas mileage or power. I am interested in reliability and avoiding the oil consumption/timing chain issues.

Lastly, is there a connection between the excessive oil consumption and the timing chain problems? Or is it merely that a low oil level is causing them to fail?

I've looked for other "recommendations in buying" threads, but couldn't find any recent ones. The ones I saw were older and didn't really cover the questions I have.

Thanks for any help.

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For your son's sake, make sure that he gets a 6 cylinder. Don't touch a 4 cyl. from '10-'12. And that price is way too high.
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2010 Equinox LTZ 2.4 L 4 cyl, FWD, S/R Cardinal Red/Black
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OP, do not buy a 2.4L/4cylinder of any year. I have a 14, which is supposed to be "Updated" and it is just plagued with poor quality. DO not buy one, it will be a dumb decision. The only smart choice you have made at this point is signing into the forums to ask us if you should buy a terrain/equinox, and the short answer, which is what your mechanic has told you, is NO!. Put the brakes on your son, who is trying to make a choice, thing is he doesnt know **** about cars or life, and this is where you step in. have him sit down and put your foot down, no gm's.

Your own mechanic is telling you to stay away and you are not listening. Are the 6's better than the 4's? probably. Does it mean you should buy one? No. Truth is gm has horrible engineers and has taken short cuts on quality to save money/ increase profits. Listen to your mechanic, do not buy one. People on here have bought 6's and will come in here to defend them, and i am sorry to offend them, but you should not buy a 6 either. You will regret it. I encourage you to look into toyota rav4s and 4runners if you value reliability and low maintance cost. IF money is nothing to you, and you want a car because of the way "it looks", sure go buy a GM.

/end rant, listen to your mechanic, heed my warning, stay away, from the 4cyl of any year, and even the 6's. Yes the 6's are better than the 4's to some extent, they are still DI and will suffer from carbon build up which will lead to oil burn. They still have gm quality transmission which isnt a good thing, numerous people have complained about shifting issues on the 6cyl on this forum, with most recent complaints being shift flares. If you are going for a 6cyl vehicle, just look at a comparable price 6 cylinder 4 runner. the 4runner will out last the 6cyl equnix/terrain any day of the week.

2014 GMC Terrain 2.4 SLE-1

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OP, now that you've heard from the Yota shill, no need to limit yourself to one brand or even style of transportation, there's a lot of choice out there. Unless you're son already has a family, I would think that a young man would be looking at something sportier, a CUV is only a genome away from a mommies soccer van or station wagon of old. Maybe he could even be talked into a p/u truck, then he could do some hauling for you!
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The equinox is a lovely safe and heavy car.

Get a low mileage terrain or equinox, less then 20k miles.....
Get it with the V6 and add a quality catch can (RX or elite) All these gdi engines will burn oil.( including BMW Nissan Toyota Honda ford)
The 4 cylinder has an internal PCV, so no catch can can be fitted to reduce carbon build up on intake valves. If you get the 4 cylinder you will need the $80 cfm oil cap.

An older equinox one will cost less $ on initial purchase
But will cost more fixing problems

On 5-25-2013 gm made a running change to fix bad oil consumption, changing piston ring design on 4 cylinder,
do not consider any car made before that date
In fact, don't buy anything older then 2014'
I would guess the V6 in 2014 got new ring design.

If the car consumes oil, it will have been driven with low oil, and the entire timing chain system is at risk.
You should check oil, level every other fill up, and change oil when oil life indicator says 35 percent. And use 100% synthetic.

2012 Traverse with Elite E2 X catchcan
Three Equinox with 2.4 engine, 2013, 2016 and 2016
2017 equinox with 3.6 engine with Elite E2 X catchcan
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My opinion: I have a 2013 2.4L nox built in November of 2012. It runs fine and I have no issues with oil consumption. I check my oil every week as a precaution. I change the oil every 4K miles with Dexos. Only issue I did have was a rusty muffler which I replaced at 40K miles. I now have 44k on it. I also have the rusted door hem flanges (drivers door) which I will take care of myself as well because GM (USA) won't do anything about it. Chevy did fix the windshield wiper transmission recall issue. I wonder how many 2010 - 2012 nox's/Terrains are out there that don't have oil issues. There is the lawsuit of course which exposed the 2.4L flaw and caused GM to develop the new pistons and rings as mentioned above. I don't worry about the oil issue as I can tear it down and rebuild it myself. I have the tools and experience. If I had to do it over again without the ability I would look to the 2014 and above for peace of mind.
GDI engines tend to carbon up the valves since there is no gas wash on the valves/stems anymore. Some mfg's have gone to a second injector in the intake manifold to help eliminate the coking of the valves.
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2013 Nox 2.4L 1LT AWD from western PA.

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Originally Posted by ThreeNox View Post

In fact, don't buy anything older then 2014'
I would guess the V6 in 2014 got new ring
There are several people on the forum with high mile V-6's.
Colt with a 2011 3.0, rbarrios with a 2013 3.6, and myself with a low mileage 2014 3.6.

I can't say for a fact if or when the V-6's got new style rings.
I can say the early 2008 GEN I Equinox Sport 3.6 V-6, the 2010 to 2012 3.0, and the 2013 and newer 3.6 had few if any complaints on this forum.

If a piston/ring change was made, the change from the 3.0 in 2012 to the 3.6 in 2013 would be a likely place to do it.

2014 Equinox LTZ FWD 3.6L. V-6 (LFX)
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Build Date: Nov. 04, 2013-Delivery Date: Nov. 25, 2013

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I would definitely not consider a 2010-2013 Equinox or Terrain with a 2.4 engine: Too many marginal engine components that prematurely have quality/durability issues.

I purchased a 2011 Equinox 2.4, LTZ new, and immediately started getting raw fuel in the crankcase due to a faulty high pressure fuel pump that is bolted to the engine.

When the seals fail in the pump, it introduces raw fuel into the crankcase: The fuel pump had four different part numbers/revisions in a very short time because of the inability to get a pump to not leak fuel.

I traded my 2011 for a 2016 with a proven reliable 3.6 engine. After joining this Forum, (a little too late) I discovered many more 2.4 engine deficiencies and then decided I could not own a vehicle with such a problematic engine.

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2019 Chevy Equinox; 2.0 - LT - FWD - Silver Ice/Redline - Purchased 10/20/2018; Mills Chevrolet, Davenport IA
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2017 Chevy Malibu; 1.5 - LT - Pepperdust - Purchased 8/2017; Green Chevrolet, East Moline, IL
2009 Chevy Silverado; 5.3 -LT - 4WD - Ext. Cab - Granite Met. - Purchased 02/2009; Green Chevrolet, East Moline IL
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OP: If you just look around here, there is a Thread entirely dedicated to the 4 cylinder & it's issues..
Take your time & read some more posts on that & other threads.

2008 HHR Panel 2LT, purchased Aug 28, '09 to date. Great lil ride.

Currently studying the Gen 1 Terrain for a possible next ride.
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Thanks everyone.

I appreciate everyone's contribution to this thread.

He and I talked some more, and he is not pursuing any more Nox or Terrains.

We're kind of stuck at this point at the price range we have to work with. One solid lead on a 2011 GMC Acadia fell through. Apparently, it flunked the dealer's check and they plan to send it to auction.

Oh well.

Thanks again, everyone.
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