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Re: GM Rewards Card ?

I've got the original card and it was $4500 I would've left on the table, so I was pretty much locked into buying a GM product (2011 Equinox).

Also previously used $5500 on my '02 Impala, which is scheduled to go over 200,000 miles next year.

But my next purchase may not be GM - mostly because I don't think you can get the same kind of deals anymore. The power of the GM Card dollars has been compromised by lower manufacturer rebates and higher invoice pricing. I think if your timing is right, you can purchase a competitor's product (ie: Japanese) at nearly the same value.

GM really ought to boost the GM Card in some way. All they've ever done is downgrade it. From $1000/year to $500/year, to "We'll tell you how much you can use for this model and that model", to .... what next?? .... taxes, of course: "$4000 in GM Card points, Mr. Smith, but Uncle Sam gets $1120, so that's $2880 to put toward your new vehicle purchase today !!!"

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