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Originally Posted by AHarris View Post
Hi everyone,
Thanks in advance for your help, I really need it about now.
So here's the quick and dirty:
I live in MN and it's freakin cold out! Single digit highs during the day.

I have a 2014 Terrain and the remote start button broke. So I looked up the correct part number, which is printed on the inside of flip key. Based on the fob part number, I ordered two new fob's with blank keys. I then did some research and found out that I SHOULD be able to take the original key, put it on a new fob, reprogram the fob and everything should work peachy keen, new fob will work no problem!!


I have followed the owner's manual instructions about programming a new fob and now nothing. In addition because it's so cold, I'm afraid that I now have to make a call to AAA to have them come out and jump start my truck because I've let it be in the ON position for 30 minutes and run the **** battery down.

So my question now is, what the **** should I do?
Tow my truck to the dealer, have them cut one of the blank keys and pay to have both fob's programmed?

Sincerely stuck and extremely frustrated!
Why not use your old key until it gets warmer ?

Were you able to transfer the key to the new Fob ? There is a roll pin that much be driven out.

Does you replacement Fob snap apart fully - not just to replace the battery. The replacement that I bought from EBay does that. I just transferred by "circuit board" from the old Fob to the replacement.

The GM Fob is a biotch to take apart. I had to cut mine apart with my Dremel tool.

If you want, mail me the GM Fob, and I will put it into my extra FOB from Ebay. I will do it for a beer or two !

Let me know.

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Here is something to keep in mind.
If your battery is low or needs to be replaced, the reprogram sequence to your fob may not be working.
In your Terrain or the fob.
Make sure you don't have a battery problem first.
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. . .

RIT333 -
The remote start button stopped working and based on everything I had read online prior to buying the two new fob's, it was a quick, inexpensive, easy fix. I watched numerous youtube videos on how easy it was to take the fob apart, replace circuit boards, swaps out keys. . .bing bang boom done!
Of course nowhere did it say that the GMC key fob is made of impenetrable plastic and good luck mere wimpy human trying to get it open!!
I did finally take the original switchblade key and put it on a new fob - went out to go to work this morning and nope, nothing. The electronics came on, but the engine wouldn't start. So I looked up programming in the owner's manual, followed those instructions and still no working fob. So now, the original fob and the new fob, neither will lock or unlock the doors. I still have one more key fob, but what's saying that one will work either?

Red301 - My truck battery was charged up and working fine last night. The battery in the original fob was working just fine as well. I even swapped the batteries in the fob's, thinking that could have been the problem, because who knows how long the battery that came in the replacement fob had been there.

So now I'll wait for a mobile locksmith, still get charged an arm and a leg for getting a fob programmed, but at least I wont be stuck at home with no way to get to work tomorrow!!
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Originally Posted by AHarris View Post
I did finally take the original switchblade key and put it on a new fob - went out to go to work this morning and nope, nothing. The electronics came on, but the engine wouldn't start.
Did you also have the old fob with you so the car could read the chip?


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IT WORKED!! Just went out and tried to start it up and roared to life!!
Guess I just had to wait a little while for the fob to do whatever it does!
Thank you guys so much for the help!!
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Congrats - but I guess I don't get the job, nor the 2 beers !

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I did the cycle once with the original key; but my new key did not program itself after inserting it. The new key would only start my vehicle once after this cycle. There is a light on my instrument panel with a picture of vehicle with a lock through it. No idea what that means. PLEASE HELP. Don't want to pay to have it programmed if I don't have to.
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One thing I found out the hard way...

If replacing a fob, only buy a BRAND NEW GM fob and swap the cut key pin part. Don't buy a used one, don't bother taking out the electronics from the old fob, don't buy a knock off fob.

-I read lots of bad reviews on Amazon about knock offs failing after even a month. Not even going to try those.
-I took my key fob apart. Took well over an hour (I was trying to be careful) and had to use a dremel. Not worth my time and won't do that again. Even if I was to buy a shell, I've read reviews that some fob shells aren't OEM quality and sometimes buttons don't work.
-Bought used OEM fobs off of ebay for both my '12 Terrain and '13 Malibu and could not get them to work.
-Brand New OEM GM ones were able to be programmed under a minute for both vehicles and only needed one good fob from each vehicle.

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Originally Posted by supermat64 View Post
thank you icebear you've been faster than me !
note true
you only nee one original key that key goes in first turn to on pos dont start let your gmc 2011 terrian it for 10 mins with only dash lites on make sure dootr is shut and all acc on off no ac no amything includeing radio then tuen ket back to off pos then repeat 2 moe times on right side of dash in rpm gage on bottom u wll see the small lockpad it will stay on only a moment when you did the 3 steps remember this because after the 3rd (3) time insert new key bfob and start gmc terrian let it run for a fw mins and wait for that little lockpad to disapear then turn off gmc and press any button they all wil work thet chagre anywhere from $50-$100 to do thiese 4 steps or use there $2,600.00 car tech handheld pc for automotive and marine use i kmow i ran a aria for 20 years
besides i got this stright or the techs mouth he was great and honst i paid him the $12,95ea to cut the keys went outin the ace hardwaew prking lot i figured if i couldnt do it right id go back inside and pay the kid the $50.00 ea to program them but hes going to do exactly what i just did see win/win there are still good people who nderstand if is touht and exspensive on bll crap things that well just should not be karma wlll follow him for sure ( good karma) as i will share myself ty j,
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